Richard Barr Writer (and lawyer)

Harrowing Times

I am not known from my gardening or horticultural skills, let alone animal husbandry (in the nicest sense); yet by virtue of circumstance it appears to be my lot to get involved in things I am not good at. Here are a growing collection of tales from an incompetent smallholder, published both in the Harrowing Times (produced by the Norfolk Smallholders Training Group. ) and a National Magazine - Home Farmer. Click the buttons below to read them

Demise of Captain Bertorelli Smiling Sick Sheep Pond life and other accidents Foxes, pig and horses

Articles in Harrowing Times (and the small world of Smallholder Sid)

Articles in Home Farmer

I don't beelieve..... Sheep and Shearful Sheep in November 003

Home Farmer

Home Alone How to medicate.... Introducing Smallholder Sid Ditching Smallholder Sid Alexanders Wars Sid suffers from wind Sid's breach of contract? Sid and the dead (?) frogs Sid and the deluge Santa Sid Gets my goat Sid & Spam Scam Good man and true? and gets the bird

Smallholder Sid 

Sid in deep water Brexit Exit Boy racer Sid Sid and the Apple Sid gets the hump Sid takes the law into his...... Sid trades insults A spot of rural crime