Richard Barr Writer (and lawyer)

Solicitors Journal Revived.

One last word (Sep 2017) Reboot successful (Jan 2019) Grave Matters (Feb 2019) Lawyer will see you (Mar 2019) Sandals in Chancery (4/ 2019) Floored by paper (May 2019) Outrage & Kindness (6/2019) Men in red trousers (8/2019) Bomb inspection

Cartoon by David Haldane. See Grave Matters

Cartoon by David Haldane. One last word

After closing in September 2017 much to the sadness of all who loved the journal, Solicitors Journal was revived under new ownership in 2019. I was privileged to be asked to write the back page article for every 2019 issue. Here they all are, along with the eulogy I wrote for the last issue before it closed.


David Haldane was also asked to illustrate the articles. Here are some of his cartoons. You can see the rest if you download the articles.

One day, a whisper (10/2019) Last last word Grave matters Floored by paper

Cartoon by David Haldane. Floored by paper